What to Eat in Antalya Guide from Locals


Antalya, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, isn’t just a feast for the eyes but also for the palate. This realization only reinforces why Antalya is truly worth visiting, offering a symphony of sights and flavors that captivate all who wander here.  In answering the question of “What to Eat in Antalya” we’ll be sharing with you the city’s most special flavors, known and loved by locals. From traditional Turkish favorites to unique local specialties, we’ll uncover the tastes that make Antalya’s food scene truly extraordinary.  And as a little insider tip, don’t forget to request the Turkish tea, graciously offered as a complimentary treat, it’s a delightful way to round off any meal.

Köfte Piyaz: Iconic Dish Of Antalya

Köfte Piyaz ( Meetball and Piyaz) is a must eat in Antalya, especially famous in the Aksu district. But, you can find this yummy dish all over the city. What makes it special? Well, it’s all about the meatballs and the unique salad called piyaz. The meatballs are juicy and full of flavor, grilled just right. And the piyaz? It’s not your average bean salad. Made with beans, onions, eggs, tahini, and local spices, it’s a fresh and tasty side that goes perfectly with the meatballs. This dish is a big deal in Antalya and a real taste of local food. So, the first answer to the question of what to eat in Antalya, the first answer should undoubtedly be Köfte Piyaz.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best restaurants in Antalya for Köfte Piyaz: Yörükoğlu Köftecisi, Aslım Şimşek Köfte Piyaz, Köfteci Osman Şimşek

Kabak Tatlısı: Antalya’s Signature Dessert

When it comes to sweet treats in Antalya, Kabak Tatlısı (Pumpkin Dessert) is a standout. This dessert is all about perfectly cooked pumpkin, served warm. What really makes it special is the topping  you can choose from rich cream, walnuts, or tahini. In Antalya, tahini is the most popular choice from locals, adding a delightful nutty flavor that complements the pumpkin’s sweetness. For the best rendition of this dessert, make your way to 7 Mehmet, renowned for their skill in bringing out the true essence of Kabak Tatlısı.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best restaurants in Antalya for Kabak Tatlısı: 7 Mehmet, Meşhur Öz Yörükoğlu Kabak Tatlısı, Sedir Restaurant

Kokoreç : Best Street Food in Antalya

In the lively streets of Antalya, one street food that truly stands out for its rich flavor is Kokoreç. This Turkish specialty, crafted from carefully seasoned and expertly grilled lamb intestines, offers a taste that’s both unique and irresistibly delicious. Kokoreç is not just a single dish but comes in a variety of styles, each offering a unique taste experience. You can savor it with added tomatoes for a tangy twist, with peppers for an extra kick, or in the traditional onion style, which focuses on the pure, unadulterated flavor of the meat. There’s also the simple, classic version for those who appreciate the original taste of Kokoreç. Here, Kokoreç is prepared to perfection, achieving the ideal balance of spice and crispiness, solidifying its status as Antalya’s street food favorite.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best street foods in Antalya for Kokoreç: Kokoreççi Hilmi, Kabuk Midye Kokoreç, Kokoreççi Asım Usta Konyaaltı

Turkish Breakfast: Blended with Antalya's Best Flavors

Picture this: you’re sitting down to a feast that’s all about Antalya’s delicious flavors. First up, there’s Serpme Börek. It’s a super tasty pastry, with layers so flaky and yummy that every bite is a delight. Then, you’ve got to try the Menemen. It’s like a Turkish version of scrambled eggs, but way better, especially here in Antalya. Why’s it so good, you ask? Well, Antalya is number one in Turkey for growing stuff like onions, peppers, and tomatoes. These fresh ingredients go right into the Menemen, making it extra tasty. It’s not just eggs and veggies; it’s like a taste of Antalya’s own gardens. So, when you’re wondering what to eat for breakfast in Antalya, go for Serpme Börek and Menemen.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best Turkish breakfasts in Antalya: Börekçi Tevfik, Çakırlar Breakfast Village, Supla Restaurant

Seafood : Freshly Caught in Antalya

In Antalya, seafood isn’t just a dish; it’s an experience, thanks to the daily fresh catches from the Mediterranean. Here, seafood lovers are in for a treat with everything from tender shrimps to deliciously fresh fish, all caught right off the coast. What’s unique about Antalya is how quickly these catches go from the sea to your plate. But for a truly unforgettable seafood feast, nothing beats enjoying it on a private yacht. Imagine dining on the freshest seafood while you’re surrounded by the sea – it’s like the ocean is serving you its best on a silver platter. So, when in Antalya, don’t miss out on the private yacht rental experience. It’s where the freshest catches meet luxury, creating memories as delightful as the meals.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best seafood restaurants in Antalya: Antalya Balıkevi, İskele Balık Pişiricisi, Serpme Balıkevi

Kebap and Döner: Traditional Turkish Cuisine in Antalya

Kebap and Döner hold a special place in Turkish cuisine, celebrated for their rich flavors and traditional cooking methods.Kebap is all about juicy meat with a smoky flavor, grilled just right. It’s packed with spices that bring out amazing tastes. Then there’s Döner, with its tender meat cooked slowly on a rotisserie. Sliced thin and often wrapped in soft bread, it’s super tasty. Döner is great for a quick bite or a satisfying meal, especially with some fresh veggies on the side. Both Kebap and Döner are not just good food; they’re a big part of Antalya’s food scene. And don’t forget to try İskender, where the rich flavors of butter, tender meat, and savory tomato sauce come together in perfect harmony.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best Kebab and Doner Restaurants in Antalya: Arzum Döner, Kebapçı Şeyhmus, Sıralı Kebap

Orange and Bitter Orange Jams : Antalya's Famous Citrus Delights

Walking through Antalya’s streets, if it’s the right season, you might get to pick fresh oranges, bitter oranges (turunç), and lemons right off the trees. These fruits are stars in Antalya’s famous jams. The city is known for some of the best citrus fruits around, and they make jams that are just amazing. The bitter orange jam is a perfect mix of tangy and sweet, while the orange jam is sweet, rich, and smells great. These aren’t just any jams; they’re like Antalya in a jar. Tasting them is a must when you’re here – it’s like getting a real taste of the city. And don’t miss out on the eggplant jam. It’s a surprising mix of sweet and savory and is super tasty in its own way.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best homemade jam stores in Antalya: Antalya Reçelcisi, Yenigün Reçelcisi

Tahin Helvası: Savoring Antalya's Traditional Sweetness

Tahini Halva (Tahini Halva), a traditional sesame based confection, is a delightful taste of Antalya’s rich culinary heritage. Here, the Tahini Halva is more than just a sweet; it’s a warm, freshly made delicacy that tantalizes your taste buds. The rich, nutty flavor of tahini combined with the warmth of the halva creates a unique and comforting eating experience. Enjoying it sandwiched between slices of bread adds an extra layer of pleasure, turning this simple dessert into an unforgettable treat. It’s a perfect representation of the Mediterranean’s love for sweet, simple, and heartwarming foods.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best Tahini Halva in Antalya: Akdeniz Tahin Helva Lokum, Hayfa Barut, Şelale Helva

Dolma and Sarma: Antalya's Traditional Treats

In Turkey, Dolma and Sarma are not just dishes, they’re a part of our culinary soul. Dolma involves stuffing vegetables like peppers and tomatoes with a savory mix of rice and herbs. What makes our Dolma special is the use of Antalya’s top-notch olives and world-class olive oil, adding a rich, unique flavor.

Sarma, made with grape leaves picked fresh from our gardens, wraps around the same tasty filling. We locals love drizzling these rolls with our own olive oil, enhancing their flavor. This touch of local oil makes Sarma not just delicious but a true taste of Antalya.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best Sarma and Dolma in Antalya: Top Sarma and Dolma can be found at Kayseri Sofrası Börek & Mantı. Yet, for the truest flavor, try getting invited to a local’s home in Antalya – that’s where the real magic of these dishes comes alive.

Bonus : Yanık Dondurma

Yanık Dondurma (Burnt Ice Cream), a standout dessert in Antalya, is known for its unique ‘burnt’ flavor. This ice cream is crafted from goat’s milk, which is first caramelized to create its signature taste. The caramelization process imparts a delightful smokiness, setting it apart from traditional ice cream flavors. Creamy, with just the right touch of sweetness, Yanık Dondurma is a testament to Antalya’s innovative culinary scene.

Where to Eat in Antalya 

Best Burnt Ice Cream in Antalya: Nur Pastaneleri, Zamora Dondurma, Giliğ Dondurma

To sum up, exploring “What to Eat in Antalya” leads to a delightful journey through a world of unique flavors and traditional dishes. From the savory Köfte Piyaz to the sweet allure of Yanık Dondurma, each meal in Antalya offers a glimpse into the city’s rich culinary heritage. The use of fresh, local produce, from renowned olives to citrus fruits, and the freshest seafood, ensures that every bite is infused with authentic Mediterranean essence.. If you’re also wondering what else you can do on your journey in Antalya, don’t forget to check out the Antalya Itinerary for more exciting experiences. Whether enjoying these flavors on a sunny terrace, through the vibrant streets, or aboard a luxurious yacht tour, your food adventure in Antalya will be an unforgettable highlight of your trip to Turkey, perfectly showcasing the warm hospitality and gastronomic richness the country is known for.

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